When Is the Right Time to Move

Have you ever asked yourself this question? When is the right time to move? Actually? Is it smart to move right before college? Or after it? Should you buy a new house and move? Right? Does anybody know answer to this question? Well, we can’t answer that one for you. However, our team is here to provide you with all the help you might need when making such a call. Here and today. Just the way you like it. So, let’s begin!


When is the right time to move? This winter? Or should you wait for the summer and better weather? The decision is really yours. However, here are some facts that can help you make this call:

Moving in the winter is much more complicated than moving during the summer season

And for many reasons. Winters can be cold. And if you aren’t living in a place that has nice weather year round – moving in the cold weather can prove to be hard. Much more than you might expect. It is not only hard to pull off, it can be risky. For you and your belongings. Why? Well, things can easily go wrong. And that is something no one wants. The best way to move during the winter season is with some professional assistance. This way you won’t have to worry about things such as securing your items that are fragile and temperature sensitive – your mover will do that for you. On the other hand, we have some pros of moving during the winter period. For once – it will be much cheaper. People mostly move during the summer (because they take their vacation days, or their kids are on a school break, …) and that means only one thing – moving during the high season will cost you more. So, if you are trying to save some money on your upcoming move – do it now!

Summer relocation won’t only cost you more, it can prove to be even harder than moving during the winter period

No one likes that. Hot and humid weather. And all that combined with million tasks on your plate. Moving is a process. And rather complicated one. It will take you some time, money and most importantly – energy. Your mover can help you pack your items, load the truck and prepare your new house for your moving in day, but there are some things that you need to take care of even if you hire a seasoned professional. What are they? Well, if you are not planning on moving locally, you will have to transfer your utilities, change your address, get copies of your medical records, say your goodbyes, find a school for your kids, … There are just so, so many things that need to be completed. And if you don’t like driving around in the summer and visiting numerous different offices – summer might not be the right time to move for you.

Spring or fall – find the balance and enjoy the result

Just like with everything else, finding the balance or the golden middle of things when moving can be the wisest thing you can do at this point. Avoid high season, hot and cold weather. Avoid risks to your belongings and your own safety.


Figure 2Pick the right time to move! ALT: Clock.

Before or after the college is over – when is the right time to move?

This one is tricky. And the answer depends on your preferences. If you’d like to save some money, and your college isn’t so far away – go for it. Spend some more time at home. There is nothing bad in it. But remember, moving for college can prove to be better than expected.


Figure 3 Moving for college is more than a good idea. ALT: Bedroom.

On the other hand, if you decide that you should move for college, good for you! A big adventure is awaiting you! Just around the corner. You will meet some new friends, get a chance to decorate your room, learn more and adapt to new lifestyle. And if you are someone who likes exploring and having new experiences – summer before your college starts might be the right time to move for you.

Should you move wile expecting?

Hm. Is it easier to move while you are pregnant or after the baby comes and you have a newborn on your hands? Well, this one is easy. Even if moving house when pregnant seems like a hassle (and it can be), as our friends at Master Moving Guide advise – you should definitely do it. And for one reason only. Everything needs to be ready and functioning once your baby is born. Newborns are precious, and that time will pass by so, so fast. That is why you need to enjoy every moment you have before your kid grows up. And relocations can take more than expected. Much more. So, save yourself the trouble and make a few calls before you get there.

Is it a good idea to move as a senior?

You have been dreaming about it. Your whole life. But is retirement the right time to move? Yes! And especially if you are wishing for such a change to take place. Maybe you are thinking about moving to a place such as Florida. You like the weather there. Or maybe, you are looking for some peace and quiet. No matter what it is that you are looking for – you definitely should move. And especially if you have been waiting for it your whole life!

Remodeling – living out of the box or moving out?

Our answer is pretty simple. You should relocate. Even if it is short term. You need your space to be clean, useable and private. All 3 things that aren’t possible while you have professionals changing the looks of your kitchen. Or attic. Or any other part of your house. And that is precisely why this might be the right time to move for you.

Someone painting the walls

Figure 4 Moving out while remodeling is the right call to make. ALT: Someone painting the walls.

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