What To Do When Your Furnace Stops Working?

Like every other utility in your home, you may need to make repairs to your furnace due to some reasons. If it is a simple reason, it will be solved easily without spending much money. But if the problem is big, then you can think of replacing it with a new one. And all of this will be decided after the inspection by a professional technician.

To keep your furnace in better working condition with safety, it should be cleaned and maintained regularly. Heating system is a common commodity in every house. They are of different types and sizes but most of them are gas or electrical furnaces. They are a bit complicated so it is important to get some basic knowledge about them before you tackle them. A little checking and maintenance can be done by the home owner himself.

Furnace Stops Working

If the furnace is not working, first check the thermostat settings. In case of gas furnace, turn off the gas and turn on the pilot to check again. Check for any loose wires of electric furnace. Reset the thermostat and check the battery if it needs replacement. Read the manual carefully before checking and repairing your furnace. Check the switch and breaker carefully and turn it on. Check the filters carefully if they need changing. A dirty filter can overheat the furnace and shut it off. If a filter gets clogged, it will build up soot and reduce the efficiency of the furnace.

In case of any leakage in gas, immediately leave the place and complain to the gas department. It is not safe to tackle the problem yourself. Check the ducts and chimney exhaust flue. Check for debris, leaves, dust or anything from outside the house that might have got caught in the chimney exhaust flue. Look for any leaves in ducts and use duct tapes to seal them.

You should also checkout the vents outside the house. Blockage by any kind of leaves, grass and soil will affect the working of furnace. Sometimes, ice clogs the pipe that means there is a bigger problem in the system. Now you need to call a technician for the repairs to your furnace.

Regular maintenance keeps your furnace in good working condition for a longer period time. For example, in hot water system, minerals deposit in water tanks which disturbs the efficiency of the water boiler. Residue stuck in pilot will shut off the gas furnace. Check the function of the flame sensors every now and then, otherwise gas leaks can occur.

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