Tips for Decorating a White Kitchen in an Innovative Way

Who doesn’t love to have white pristine looking kitchen in their home? The clean and pure vibe can not only make your kitchen look brighter and happier, but will also fill you with undeniable energy so that you can work there for a long time.

But, in my long career of interior designing, I have seen clients who worried how they can make the kitchen look interesting enough in spite of the boring white color. It is undoubtedly true that a kitchen is a place that is most neglected in the whole house. But, it is also quiet an important place in your home.  So, it is better you contribute a little time and money for the kitchen. Now, when you are thinking of making a beautiful kitchen in white, but still wondering how you can make it look stunning, here are a few tips for you. Take a look.


Pick the Perfect White

White is an extremely versatile color. No matter what accessories you team it up with, you can always make the space look gorgeous if you use the color white. Now, the main thing you need to do while you are decorating kitchen is choosing the right type of white. It is the type of white that will help you to set the mood of the kitchen. Make sure that you maintain that color type in the overall décor of the kitchen.

 Splurge on Millwork

Now, you need to spend quite a quality amount of money for the cabinets. White kitchen cabinet can perfectly compliment the decor in a beautiful way. The shape and arch, the look and the height, all of it will contribute to the aesthetic of your kitchen. If you want to add a bit of old world charm with a traditional look, you can choose walnut cabinets too as they will give a beautiful contrast to your white kitchen.


Create Contrast

While talking about contrast, you can focus on some other areas too rather than only concentrating on the cabinets. Think about your kitchen island and add something contrasting on the top of that. Do something unexpected in your kitchen that will break the boredom of the décor. It could be a dark stone counter top as well. Create it in a way so that it looks like a focal point in the kitchen.

Unexpected Flooring

If you are thinking of adding white marble floor in your kitchen, then stop yourself. Why not something dramatic for your floor? If you are worried about the monotony of white kitchen, then break it by using dark color flooring. In fact, black hardwood floor will not only give the classy contrast, but will also make your kitchen look chic. You can use terra-cotta for the flooring too, to add an earthy touch.



Worried whether the kitchen appliances will match the interior of the kitchen or not? Don’t worry; because you can play the art of camouflage with them. Integrate the appliances in the kitchen furnishing. The look will perfectly fit your design plan.

Let there be Light

Let natural light come in the kitchen. It will lift the gloomy mood, as well as add a fresh vibe to the kitchen. Not just the natural light, add lighting in the kitchen as well. Make every corner of the kitchen illuminated with lights, be it under the cabinets or on the walls. It will make your white kitchen shine brighter.

Add Pop Color

To bring a bit of playfulness in the kitchen, you can add some colors to it. Use a colorful bright rug under the table or kitchen island. You can also use some bright colored chairs. It is the best way to add spark in all white décor.

I am sure all of these ideas will be quite helpful for you to make your kitchen a happy place to work in. Stay active and stay happy.

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