Small Kitchen: How To Arrange Stylishly And Functionally?

Kitchen is the heart of the house – especially if you’re looking for culinary art. But what if our command center is so small that it could fit into a medium sized wardrobe? Cooking should be pleasure, not everyday gymnastics, squeezing between the open drawer and the oven. Fortunately, a small kitchen can be arranged in a functional way – you only need to follow a few rules.

Culinary play is a creative job. Or breakneck: if we have to prepare a meal for a family of five in our three-meter kitchen. On the other hand, a small kitchen will allow us to avoid walking from the tabletop to the pantry or trips to the bucket to the other end of the room. Everything will be at hand, everything can be found within a few steps. However, let’s keep in mind that a small space can be easily cluttered. By placing all free-standing household appliances on – and so short – the counter, we reload the room and optically reduce it even more. The small fitted kitchens also raises some difficulties in the selection of colors: we do not want to have the impression that we enter the cave … For example the printed glass splashback with bold graphic on it could not be the best idea, because the photography could easily become overwhelming. To choose one-colour print or lacobel lacquer would work better. We will not be threatened if we use a few tricks, and we will approach the issue with openness to ergonomics and functionality.

Small Kitchen

E like ergonomics

Arrange the equipment, consider its size. Will the open door of the refrigerator block the passage? Do we really need a double sink if the kitchen is equipped with a dishwasher? Two keywords are here: ergonomics and functionality. “Going this way, for the beginning, we plan where the most important appliances are located, ie: a fridge, a heating plate and a washbasin – these elements give us the place of the rest of the furniture in the bespoke kitchen – emphasizes expert. Remember that if we are right-handed, then the dishwasher should be on the right side of the sink, and the sink should have a drainer on the right. It is also important that there is a minimum distance of 30 cm between the devices “- he explains.

Thinking about the eaves, let’s go for built-in appliances, or a telescopic solution. If the mixer, it can with the function of a juicer and grinder – we will save on the spot to store these appliances. Our friends will be multi-functional devices, such as an oven with microwave function.

“We remember that the worktop is very important in the fitted kitchen” – suggests expert in Dublin. This one can be made like the peninsula. Such a solution will open us a little space, and even enlarge it, if we decide to devote a piece of the living room. In addition, a storage space can be created under the top. The movable cabinets and tables that are unused can also easily rest under the counter, and when needed – play an additional working surface. When worktop is by the wall, then remember that an easy-to-clean glass splashback would work the best.

Someone might ask: but where is it to keep it? “To increase the space for storage in a small kitchen, all hanging cabinets are made to the ceiling” – says Irish expert. Sometimes, however, the kitchen is so small that with the buildings on both sides, we could not open two drawers or cabinets at the same time. In this case, it is worth reaching for other solutions: omit the swing-open door, and thoughts should be directed towards the sliding covers and blinds. In addition, if we can, choose solutions without handle. Often a better option is to build cabinets on only one side of the kitchen so as not to overload the room optically.

Light, you carry them in you

The light “enlarges”! It’s true: a large window in the kitchen will take away the wall on which the lockers could hang, but it will also brighten up, give depth to the space. Choosing the colors of the walls and splashbacks, let’s reach for bright colors and patterns. The same applies to the lockers. Fronts should be smooth, bright, reflective. White walls or tiles are not the only solution. Those who are afraid of monotony will welcome experts’ recommendations: paint one wall with a contrasting color, lay out with a brick, an array mat. Thanks to this, the interior will “become” deeper and more spacious than in reality. Use of eyecatching and easy to clean one-colour lacobel glass splashbacks in Dublin is also a good solution. And lighting? For small spaces, spot solutions are recommended, eg halogen lamps or LED lighting.

What else we can do?

Take care of the floor! „A floor in a small kitchen can also be the strongest accent, for example in the form of patterned tiles with a rhythmical arrangement. Thanks to this, we will optically enlarge the space, obtain the effect of a higher room and at the same time keep the proportions of the interior. In the opposite situation, we can use alternate arrangement of two contrasting colors that will shorten or enlarge the room. It is important to maintain the proportions. If we use bold elements, the rest of the space must be bright and toned down. It is also good to choose large reflecting plates with a uniform surface. Each merger and division, unfortunately, divide and reduce our cuisine “- says the expert.

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