Quick Fixes When Your Garage Door needs Repairing

Your garage door is a vital piece of equipment in your home and one that is often overlooked.  Regular servicing can help, to prevent problems but this does not mean they will not happen.  It can be incredibly frustrating when you need to go out and your garage door is closed, refusing to open with no obvious release mechanism.  It will inevitably be when you are already late or trying to get to an important meeting.

Fortunately there are a few things you can try to resolve the issue; which often needs a garage door opener repair:

Garage Door needs Repairing

Spring Break

One of the most common faults with a garage door is when a spring breaks and the door will no longer open.  A quick fix which is especially useful if your car is stuck inside is to join the broken spring together using a U bolt or something similar.  You should then be able to wind the door open gently, in the usual fashion.  Once you have driven your car or cars out you can lower the door and wait for your chosen firm to repair it.

Remote Control Issue

This can be a frustrating issue; your garage door may work perfectly in all aspects except when you need it the most.  That is when you have just got home and wish to park your car and get inside.  It is possible to leave the car outside but it may not be desirable.  IF this is the situation you find yourself in it is most likely to be an issue with the communication between your sender and the garage door.  The first thing to do is test your remote inside, if it works then you have something interfering with the signal or weak batteries.  If it does not you can try a different remote to see if this works, assuming it has the same issue then it is likely that your antenna on the garage door opener needs repairing or replacing.  The antenna should be obvious on your mechanism; you can try moving it around.

Another option is to purchase a universal remote and cod it to your garage door.  This is much more powerful and should work from twenty feet away.

Mechanical Issue

There are a variety of parts contained within your garage door; it can only take one of these to fail to prevent the door from opening.  If your door is not an electronic one it should be possible to force the door open.  It is possible that you will damage additional parts in the process but if you need your garage and have no other choice this will be the best solution.  Garage doors can be heavy n and if it is the springs which are the problem you may struggle to lift the door by yourself.  I this case get as many friends or neighbours as you can to help you.

Ideally you will be able to manoeuvre the door back into a closed position afterwards and keep your car outside until it is repaired by a professional.

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