Phen Being A Controlled Drug

Phentarmine is a scheduled drug which means that it cannot be obtained without prescription. It was made this way by law enforcers as it is a highly addictive drug and a lot of drug abuse was reported when Phen was released in to the market.

Phen has numerous side effects that potentially are so dangerous that it can claim lives. People are so obsessed with their looks and weight issues they overlook the dangers of consuming such diet supplements with come with warnings.

Phen is a highly potent drug which works very well if taken according to the recommendations of health care professional. Phen has good impact on the weight issues concerning people who are obese are are susceptible to health issues which translate high blood cholesterol, type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure etc.

Phen is a good recommendation to people who adhere to a strict diet and exercise regime during the intake period of phentermine is a schedule IV drug which is usually a few weeks dosage period as more than this would be addictive and also damage the internal organs of the body or cause other serious ailments.

Phen Being A Controlled Drug

Side effects of Phen

  • The shortness of breath after a small effort.
  • A feeling of fainting due to chest pain.
  • The ankles and feet may swell up.
  • The heart beat is in pounding mode.
  • There are mood swings such as sudden happiness or sadness.
  • The blood pressure may go up to a very high extent.

Minor side effects would be

  • You could be fidgety.
  • Complaints of pain in the head, dizzy spell including tremors.
  • Dryness of the mouth is felt sometimes with a bitter taste prevalent.
  • Either you may get loose stools or hardened ones.
  • Low or high libido levels may occur with the use of Phen.

The other drugs impacting Phen

Phen if taken with other dietary supplements also can pose problems. Phen with anti depressants is a fatal combo. Stimulants, other vitamin pills, herbal products, other over the counter medication will definitely react with Phen and cause many health disorders. Hence consulting your doctor along with the medication list you were consuming before the start of Phen should give a fair idea to the doctor. Although it is a good idea to stop all other medication before you embark on the Phen journey.

On why it is a schedule lV drug

Internationally also it is schedule lV drug as it is more susceptible to abuse. Though it is approved for the treatment of obesity, it has to be recommended by a certified medical health care professional. Only through his/her prescription that you can actually take Phen.

All about Phen

Being an appetite suppressant it helps in burning up the extra calories in the body. Phen is a oral medication and can be found in the capsule form. There are two variations of Phen where you could get the regular capsule or time release capsule. It comes in following 15mg, 30mg and 30.75mg. It can be taken before or after the consumption of food. Since it can hamper sleep patterns it is best to take it during the day, preferably early morning after or before breakfast. So that it is taken 12 to 14 hours before going to bed.

The duration of Phen is for twelve weeks more than this period is addictive or health issues. After the stipulated period, the regular exercise and diet should be continued so that the lost weight should not be gained back.

Classification of drugs

There are five classes of drugs all over the world which follow almost the same scheduling process. This uniformity will help them catch the illegal supply and distribution of such potent drugs that may cause for drug abuse, thriving of underground pharmacies which are illegally set up and make spurious drugs and supply to the users.

The category one consists of narcotic drugs which include marijuana, LSD etc.Where as the the category five is the least abused such as cough medicine, codedine etc. Phen comes under category four so it has the potential for abuse and addiction though it has the medical benefits when used right.

There are over the counter alternatives for Phen that are available without prescription. These alternatives do to fall under any schedule as they may not be FDA approved as they may not be considered as medication at all such as some herbal products, caffeinated stimulants etc.

Phen though does not come under the narcotic drug schedule but its potency of addiction can be high with withdrawal symptoms too. The worst part is that it is not traceable in the drug test, so the abuse of this drug is more.

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