Interior Design Tips for Hotels

Elegance and polished metal look fantastic for an extravagant look that can be found in hotels across the world, but to stand out amongst the crowd, you can retain a professional style while providing inviting furniture such as that seen in the Lloyd Flanders replacement cushions collection. Wicker designs keep the atmosphere open and cozy and still serve to not only distinguish your amenities but also keep guests comfortable.

Many lodging options attempt to maintain a décor that draws in customers and welcomes them in classic style. Though there is nothing wrong with this, spicing up what guests see with wicker furniture is a fantastic way to catch their attention. With thousands of stylish options including colors of finishes, different weavings, cushion types, and accents, your creativity can truly remain uninhibited. In fact, the wicker itself will not be the only part of this style to stand out.

Interior Design Tips for Hotels

According to Wicker Paradise, more styles with a modern flair are finding their way into hotel lobbies, lounges and patio seating areas. These stylish lounges are attractions for guests who don’t even stay at the hotel, providing multiple streams of income for hotel owners.

One of the highest quality materials for wicker weaving is rattan. Indoor rattan furniture is durable and beautiful. Unlike many wooden pieces, these wicker options are created to last and to impress. Since rattan is so strong, it is guaranteed to survive the intense use of the multiple guests every day and still remain a beautiful addition to your accommodations. For a truly unique look that will outshine the competition, wicker sets the bar.

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