How To Get A Conex Delivered to Your Door?

There is a trend of making a house out of shipping containers and it’s very understandable why people do it. They already have most of the work done like roof, walls and floor. When you decided that you want to do the same, it’s time to figure out the process of delivering and offloading at your site. If someone doesn’t have a shipping company, there is a high chance they don’t have the equipment to transport it so they need to pay someone to do it.

By doing online research you will have some basic knowledge of how to get one delivered but it’s very different in person. You shouldn’t think that your problems are solved by just calling a company you want to hire because there are many obstacles that may be in your ways like insurance coverage or maneuver clearance. Always follow the instructions from professionals so everything can go smoothly. The overall process is the same but there are a few key things to look out for.

Conex Delivered to Your Door

Delivery Charges Based on Distance

A big impact on your delivery cost by distance will be if you want to get a used or new container. Most used containers are bought locally and the new ones need to be shipped from Asia. When it comes to local deliveries, you should call a couple of companies to get an estimate. There will be a fixed cost for starting the delivery process and the price should include the first 50 miles.

It will cost you several hundred dollars to transport a 20-foot container and a little bit more if it’s a larger container. Depending on the company’s policies, they might not include the unloading price at first. The price for distances over 50 miles is approximately calculated per mile with an average cost of $2 per mile.

When you purchase a new container, you will have two choices because it is coming from Asia. The first option is to ship it empty and just pay the full shipping cost or you can ask a company if they would like to transport any cargo in your container so you can pay a smaller fee. Consider that it may cost you thousands of dollars if you want to ship it empty. A better option is to allow them to do a one-time job.

It will be on you to arrange the delivery from your local port to your location. If you want to get it shipped internationally, the process is the same just the other way around, you still need to arrange the transport and find a company that is willing to ship their goods into your container. Only a small percentage of people are getting an empty container because they can afford it.

Size of Shipping Container

The size of the container is another factor that will impact the price of delivery. Locally, the price between 40 foot and a 20-foot container won’t be much but there are also larger, 53-foot containers that aren’t so popular but can provide a lot of space. The length is the determining factor here which makes the 53-foot container the most expensive to deliver. A shipping company will need to have a specialized truck because it won’t fit on a regular one. Sometimes it will be a better idea to get two smaller ones. Read more on this link.

Size of Shipping Container

How to deliver it yourself?

You probably won’t be able to do the shipping on your own because of a few factors. Besides using specialized equipment that is too expensive even to rent, you will need a different kind of license to do this type of shipping. The question is if the insurance company would want to provide insurance for someone that is doing this for the first time.

It’s not practical for most people even if you could make the delivery locally with a commercial driver’s license. You will just need to rent a rollback truck, maybe get someone to help you out which will save you a few hundred dollars. For the effort and time invested, it isn’t such a smart decision.

Time of Arrival

The payment is usually made before the vessel arrives at the port and this will depend on the company you are working with. If it’s a respected company, they will request that you pay in full before it arrives. If you are getting it from a small freight company, you will need to make an order deposit and pay for the rest when it arrives.

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If you don’t have much time and need it as soon as possible, then look for a container locally. It’s reasonably the quickest way to get one. Even then, you will need to arrange everything which may take about a week. It’s important to plan in advance because many details can happen. When you are ordering a new one internationally, you should be prepared to wait up to a few months. For example, it takes around a month to ship the container from China to New York. You still need to add the time it takes to unload and get it to your location. When you combine everything, it gets up to two months.

Insuring the Container

There are a few things that are calculated when it comes to getting insurance for a container like the overall worth. If you want to transport a smaller container that is 20-foot in length and costs around $1,500, it won’t be worth enough to pay for the insurance which may get very expensive. Most people that have experience in the shipping industry will tell you that it’s worth insuring it only if you are getting a few new ones that cost you over $5,000 each.

You won’t have problems with the insurance companies because most of the companies that do the shipping for you will include the insurance price in their free. They will provide a couple of options which will include all the fees you can request or don’t want to. If they are traveling overseas, it’s smart to insure them. Let the shipping company choose the insurance firm because they know which one works the best.

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