How to Choose a Timeless Style for Your New Kitchen

Is it possible to have a beautiful new kitchen that is timeless? Yes, and we are going to discuss how you can achieve it. A new kitchen is an investment by homeowners.

Whether you are going to sell your home or stay in it for many more years, identifying a timeless design will ensure that the kitchen does not require a makeover down the road. So, how do you ensure you have a timeless kitchen?

Timeless Style for Your New Kitchen

Pick a Kitchen Design Classic
Some kitchen features always remain strong favourites despite the changes in the interior design trends; a good example is a Belfast or Butler sink. Traditional or modern ranges fit comfortably in the kitchen today as they did decades ago. Some of the favourite pieces include the shaker-style doors and painted timber units.

Go for a Cohesive Interior Scheme
A cohesive interior design helps to make sure that the kitchen is part of the house. This can include:

  • Embracing original features like exposed beams.
  • Picking up loan, materials, and textures used in other areas in the house for the kitchen, or vice versa.
  • Using the same colour flooring across the ground floor to create a flow in all rooms.

Design a Simple Kitchen
A timeless kitchen does not have to be a traditional kitchen. So, how can you incorporate a modern style to create a timeless kitchen?

  • You can use handless designs but add knobs and cup handles.
  • Use neutral, simple designs and colors. You can use white or a soft pastel color.
  • Use natural materials like timber to add texture into a scheme. Despite the use of the trendy dark exotic hardwoods, you can also use lighter woods like beech and oak.

Integrate White Kitchen Appliances and Goods
Integrating goods like fridges, dishwashers and washing machines is a good idea. Since high spec appliances like a sleek fridge cannot date easily, you can display them. But for smaller tools like toasters and microwaves, you can create an appliance hub which is kept away from view.

Only Update Your Appliances, Not Your Kitchen
Small accessories, artwork and appliances can improve the look of your kitchen. Such items can bring colour and personality to a neutral scheme. When you desire an update, you can easily go for kitchen doors replacement or replace the items we have listed above, instead of renovating the entire kitchen.

Natural Materials Provide the Timeless Appeal
Natural materials like stone and timber provide a timeless appeal. Although you may need to do some maintenance, a quality oak worktop can be sanded and re-oiled years to come. Granite offers a low maintenance work surface. Be careful when choosing materials because natural materials like marble require high maintenance.

Invest in Quality Cabinetry
Investing in quality kitchen cabinets is important. Always look for robust runners, dovetail joints, and cupboard and drawer liners that offer longevity to the cabinets. Investing in high quality units will avoid doing kitchen doors replacement, and instead, require that you repaint the units.

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