Do and Don’ts of Automotive Insurance

 Car insurance can be heavy on pocket if not  done carefully

Business of car insurance companies thrives on the fact that they hire several such agents or underwriters who have company’s guidelines and services at their finger tips. It is after all these writers and agents who deal with insurance claims and policy holders.  According to some studies during a 10 minutes calls insurance agents spend approximately 20 percent of the time explaining various policies, coverages and making recommendations.  This time period can increase if the person happens to the first time caller.

A lot of automotive insurance policy holders believe that they have done their complete research made the best decision and are well informed regarding their policy.  This however is not the whole truth.   The fact is that many car insurances can offer coverages you may not know about. There are also things that are not covered and you might assume them to be covered. You should not only be well informed about these dimensions of auto insurance, but also be abreast of dos and don’ts of auto insurance. We have compiled a list of dos and don’ts to help you in this .

Automotive Insurance

Car insurance can be heavy on pocket if not done carefully

The Dos

Be Your Own Master

You must know that you can buy your policy from anywhere and it is not necessary that you purchase it from your car dealer.

Fill It for Your Self

You must fill your insurance form yourself irrespective of who is arranging this for you.

Be Truthful

Never hide facts while filling your insurance form just to save a little money. Fill in your form as candidly and factually as possible.

Get Verified

Give all the relevant documents such as driving license or permit to the insurance company for verification.

Be Organized

You must have a copy of completed insurance proposal for your own record. One copy of it must be in your car. You can be asked by the traffic authorities to show your insurance documents any time. Moreover, once your documents are verified by the insurance company, also keep them updated for the concerned officials

Read All Details

Go through insurance form minutely. You must know what is covered or what is not.

Don’t Hesitate

There is no shame in asking insurance agent or company to ask questions. It is part of their job to satisfy you.  Particularly ask about the available add-on coverage options and select what suit you best.

Reflective Of Current Needs

Last but not the least is that your insurance policy must be reflecting your current status and needs. Most of the people buy insurance policy at the time of the purchase of the vehicle and forget about it. You must make sure that your insurance policy is aligned to your current status and needs. Your education, occupation or marital status might have changed over the years so ensure that you avail all the discounts available.

The Don’ts

Facts Twisting

Take care that you do not fill any incorrect or twisted information. Think in long term. The incomplete or wrong information can take its toll on your pocket in case of an accident or mishap. Also don’t make false declarations about the factual usage of the car you intend to get insured.

Incomplete Form

Not only that you should read all the parts of an insurance policy, you should also not leave any column unfilled. This is as important as providing accurate information.

Late Payments

Try to avoid your automotive insurance payment in “this can wait” basket. Delayed payments only add up to the premiums. In addition, insurance companies have the right to annul your insurance over delayed or nonpayment. You may put yourself in a position where you will have a find an affordable auto insurance policy all over again.

No Breaks

Don’t forget to renew your policy as and when required.  It holds equal importance as of getting a new policy.

Auto insurance policy renewal is of utmost importance

Ignoring the Procedure

It is not necessary that you buy a new car and then get insured. Sometimes, you may buy a used car that is already insured. Don’t forget to ask about and understand the current procedure of the insurance.

While you keep these dos and don’ts in consideration, it is very likely that your automotive insurance experience will be a smooth one.

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