Advantages And Disadvantages Of Combi Boilers

Since 2005, all new boilers installed in the UK have to be condensing types, which means that they recover waste heat that would otherwise be lost via the flue. Many of the latest boilers are also combination, or combi types. What does this mean, and what are the pros and cons of this type of boiler?

Combi Boilers

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Because of the way condensing boilers work, they are more efficient than older types. This means that they create lower CO2 emissions and use less fuel. Not all condensing boilers are combis. A combi heats water on demand rather than heating it up and storing it in a cylinder, but there are also condensing system boilers that store hot water in the conventional way.

Combi pros

The fact that it heats water on demand means that you do not need a cylinder with a combi. Combis also work from mains water, so there’s no need for a header tank. This frees up space that you can use for other purposes.

If you’re looking for a new boiler installation Gloucester, installers like will also advise you that not needing tanks makes for a simpler installation with less pipework involved. It also means that hot water is delivered at higher pressure, so you may find that you don’t need a pump to boost the shower.

Combi boilers are good for smaller properties as the installation takes up less space. They are also less prone to suffer from airlocks and low water pressure as the water feeding them comes directly from the mains.

Combi pros

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Combi cons

Combi boilers are less suited to larger properties and larger families as you generally can’t run two hot taps, or a hot tap and a shower, at the same time. If you have more than one bathroom or a large property, a system boiler will be more suitable.

Older properties may be less suited to combis because the radiator system might not be able to cope with the higher pressure of a combi boiler. You also need to make sure that the water pressure in your area is high enough for a combi to work effectively.

Another drawback is that if the boiler breaks down, a combi leaves you without heating or hot water because there is no hot water stored.

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