4 Ways To Enhance Your Home’s Interior

There’s an endless number of ways to give your home interior design a boost. If you’re still brainstorming your next interior makeover project, then the following tips can help for better frame of reference.

Home's Interior

1.) Start With the Walls. If you’re looking to bring your home to life, the walls are your base medium. Are they the right color? Depending on the amount of natural light and respective window sizes, you might need to choose a lighter color to reflect more of the natural light.

Take note of each room’s layout and note the overall colors that would work better with respect to natural lighting. Are the windows big enough to let in enough natural light for darker colors? If not, pick a lighter color to brighten and expand the room. Note that you may have to use a few coats of lighter paint to cover pre-existing darker colors.

2.) Place Paintings and Pictures Wisely. You might find that placing certain color portraits or paintings will work in one room better than another. Also spacing out canvas prints will provide a minimalist look, yet provide touches of color for a visually stimulating atmosphere.

An often overlooked element of the pictures is the frames themselves. You should look at each room and maybe work with a color and texture theme to frames. There are a few great examples of this at Frameology where you can order custom prints and frames on demand.

3.) The Right Furniture, the Right Spots. There’s a perfect place for everything, just a matter of personal preference. You may not always need to upgrade your furniture since it might be a perfect fit in another room. Always best to experiment first before donating that heirloom or taking it out to the curb. If you have a budget to work with, it’s a matter of good health to replace any old musty furniture for purposes of air quality.

4.) House Plants. When it comes to living works of art, the more the merrier. As there are so many wonderful varieties to choose from, you can create thematic sceneries with ease. In addition to enhancing your environment with color and vibrant energy, you’re also enhancing air quality and increasing oxygen throughout house. RodalesOrganicLife points out that the best indoor air plant choices include Palm trees, Boston Ferns, English Ivy, and even Rubber plants.

Once you drill down on each element above, try thinking both in terms of aesthetic and better health. If you do, then the finished makeover should conclude with satisfying results!

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