Why Invest in a Cyclone Blade for Your Saw?

There are many factors to take into account when considering a diamond saw blade for a project. You will have to carefully consider the material being cut, the required outcome of the cut and a number of other variables before deciding on a blade, to make sure that these highly varied-adaptable blades will suit you.

For example, if you are cutting through concrete, stone or asphalt, you may be best served by a segmented diamond blade, which will cool effectively during the cut and quickly slice through these durable materials without causing too much collateral damage. However, if you were to cut through tile, porcelain, ceramic or other easily-chipped, brittle materials, you would be more wisely advised to invest in a continuous-rim blade, which will cut considerably more slowly but with more of a clean, even slice, compared to the potentially hammer-like action of the segmented blade.

Invest in a Cyclone Blade for Your Saw

But what are you to do if you need to combine clean cutting with speed? In particularly demanding jobs, it often isn’t possible to take large amounts of time over a cut, creating the requirement for a fast-acting, effective diamond saw blade which can cool itself effectively during intensive cutting operations and cut cleanly through a variety of materials.

It sounds like trying to have your cake and eat it too, but it’s possible thanks to a hybrid species of diamond saw blade known as “turbo blades,” like the Cyclone Blade from Direct Diamond Blades. Made with continuous cutting rims, turbo blades like the Cyclone Blade include grooves along the blade to quickly remove the cut substrate and get it out of the blade’s way, while holes spaced throughout the blade draw air through the Cyclone Blade as it spins, cooling it in action to prolong the cutting time and effective life of the blade.

If a diamond saw blade heats up too much while cutting, the metal matrix holding the diamond shards in place will become too soft to withstand the force, and will simply strip away, releasing the diamonds too early and wasting the blade, making it useless. This makes the cooling function of a Cyclone Blade so important – without it, the blade couldn’t make use of its impressive cutting speed for long.

As a 300mm diamond blade, the Cyclone is more than powerful enough for big jobs, with a long cutting edge which won’t wear down as quickly as a smaller blade, and the continuous rim provides a large, widely exposed diamond matrix, increasing the cutting surface area and resulting in a clean, rapid cut every time.

If you need more information on the Cyclone Blade or other turbo blades available from Direct Diamond Blades, get in touch on 0844 854 6754 or visit the website linked on this page – the diamond-saw-blade experts on the other end of the line will be able to provide any information you need to find the turbo blade that best suits your requirements! Get in touch today!

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