Why Concrete Is Used In Construction?

Concrete is a fantastic material to use in construction and is used plentifully across the sector. It has excellent natural properties which makes it a great material to be used for buildings like concrete garages, such as those manufactured by Leeds-based garage experts Dencroft. Here are some of the many advantages of using concrete in construction:

Concrete has relatively small operational energy requirements and costs compared to other materials. As a result this makes concrete one of the most efficient and cost-effective means of constructing energy efficient buildings. As a result of the lower production costs this means concrete garage manufacturer like Dencroft Garages can pass on these savings onto its local customers. Whilst the energy cost of constructing with concrete is low, so too is the actual costs of the material.

Easy to cast
Concrete in its fresh state is a liquid which means it can be easily and simply cast and moulded into different shapes. Unlike other materials, concrete can be uniquely poured into frameworks to suit a variety of different sizes and shapes. This massively reduces the limitations to concrete and gives manufacturers much more freedom with the product and project. As a result, local customers are much more able to customise a bespoke building for their individual needs and requirements.

Concrete Is Used In Construction

Durable and long-lasting
Once structures manufactured using concrete are built, they are extremely capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions such as strong winds. Concrete buildings are able to maintain their strength for many years without suffering damage or decay and requires minimal repairs. Another benefit of concrete which makes the building last for many years is that it is waterproof, as a result, it won’t suffer such damage as damp or mould. Furthermore, concrete structures are also fireproof which limits the amount of damage that fires can cause to the concrete garage.

Safe and secure
Concrete is a naturally strong material which makes it extremely safe and secure to be used as buildings for living and leisure. Firstly, concrete is one of the best materials at withstanding threats such as vandalism or break-ins, so you can rest easy knowing your belongings are secure. As concrete garages across the country are being used for living space such as bedrooms or games room, the content is likely to be expensive and valuable. It is therefore essential that these buildings are kept safe and secure which they are inside buildings made of concrete.

Another reason concrete is a practical material for construction is due to its environmentally friendly properties. Throughout concrete’s life-cycle, from the use of recycled aggregates to the finished product, it is extremely environmentally friendly and produces little waste. Secondly, the concrete used by Dencroft to manufacture their range of garages is all locally sourced. Concrete is also an extremely eco-friendly as it is much more sustainable than other materials used in construction. Finally, concrete is an extremely dense material which gives it naturally good thermal-mass levels, this means it can withhold heat much better than other materials which makes it much more energy-efficient.

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