Tips on home remodeling projects

There are quite a few projects which increase the value of a home and also improve your quality of life.  The first thing to do is to invest in green technology and appliances – this is a worthwhile investment as it cuts down on energy bills and maintenance.

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Kitchen Remodeling: The kitchen is usually the most used area in a home and upgrading always pays off.  Make sure not to go overboard – have a specific budget in mind and make sure that it is not the fanciest in the neighborhood.  Invest in items like cabinets and clever space saving ideas.  Replace old appliances with energy efficient ones.

Updating bathrooms:  This is another area of the house which helps with recouping investments.  Look around the house to see if there are any areas in the house where an extra bathroom or powder room can be added.  The cost of updating or adding a new bathroom will depend on the accessories and additions you want.  Home improvement stores usually have great sales and you can save tons of money on sinks, toilets etc.

Reinventing rooms:  Adding space to a home in the form of a new room can get really expensive.  Reinventing existing space is a better way to approach this issue. Converting a basement, attic or garage to a bedroom is a great idea.  Before knocking down walls to add space, think of how to make the space multi-purpose so that it could be an office, game room or something else to a potential buyer.  It is possible to do most of the work yourself and save a lot of money.

Adding new windows:  Thanks to technology, energy efficient windows are a reality – no more drafty rooms and foggy windows. Energy efficient windows can help homeowners save at least $500 a year in cooling and heating costs.  Shop around and find the right windows – states and utility companies offer help in the form of rebates and installation. Talk to your remodeling services in Chicago now!

Adding a Deck:

Decks are an easy way to add value and space to a home.  Many people like to entertain at home and also enjoy their backyards.  Depending on the space available to put in a deck and all the add INS like seating, flower pots, cooking area and stairs, decks can be added on for $5000 or more.  Costs also vary with the materials used.  Keep in mind that deck construction can also be done by a homeowner if he is really handy with tools and interested in DIY projects.

Basic Updating: Regardless of whether you are selling or living in your home, make sure to put on a fresh coat of paint, keep the roof from leaking, check whether the siding is in good condition and so on.  Make sure to do good maintenance so that the house doesn’t deteriorate.  There will be occasions when the wiring may need to be replaced as well – a well-cared for home takes a bit of work and makes life a pleasure.

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