Ideas to Invigorate Your Basement

If you are lucky enough to have a basement in your house then you will be able to create a whole new living area!  The basement is often used as simply a store and a place for the washing machine to live, but, with a little tender loving care it can be turned into a fantastic part of your home.  The key to converting your basement is in preparing it and getting the right basement finishing completed.  It is the smaller detail which makes the space stand out and be truly useful.  The following ideas should help inspire and motivate you to either start your project or have your basement finishing project completed:

Ideas to Invigorate Your Basement

Games Room

Most grown men love the idea of having their own games room, a place for darts, or pool, or even to watch sport.   Your basement can relatively easily be turned into a games room.   Simply remove the junk, add some lights and electric sockets and then insulate the walls before plaster boarding and painting the room.  Your basement finishing touches should include edging board and either paint on the stairs or a runner.  The basement will become cozy, warm and a desirable place to go!

Children’s Den

Another option is to consider your children’s needs as they grow bigger.  They may need some space of their own and their bedroom may simply not be big enough.  A space in the lowest level of the house can easily be plaster boarded and turned into a large room with several, moveable dividers.  In this way you will be able to create an area for computer games, one for chatting and one for the television.  Not only will your children love it, they will invite their friends over.  You may end up being the host but you will always know where your child is!

Additional Bedroom

If you are ready to take on a slightly more complex project then you could look at adding a bedroom or two and an en-suite.  Basement spaces are usually large and can be easily divided by creating stud walls.  It is essential to consider plumbing and electric needs before you create the stud walls; this will allow the pipes and cables to be hidden; making the overall result much more professional looking.

It is important to note that this could be a complicated job and you may prefer to get professional help in.  An extra bedroom or two can also make a big difference to the value and usability of the house, making it a sound investment option.


Finally, it may be time to consider having a space where aging parents may want to live.  Providing the basement has some windows it can be turned into a very desirable living space, complete with living area, bedroom and even its own kitchen.  Obviously the size of your basement will dictate the practicalities involved in creating an annex under your own home.  A basement which is used will also help to insulate the rest of the house, potentially reducing the heating bill!

There are many other ideas which should inspire you, let your imagination run wild!

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