How to Dress Your Best for Less This Winter

Any seasoned (pardon the pun) fashionista knows that always dressing in the current fashion is not a cheap task to accomplish. This cost is often the reason why so many fashion enthusiasts end up shopping at a department store or, dare I say it, wear last season!

Of course, if you have been in the fashion field for long enough then you know that there are certain tips and tricks which can help you look en vogue for less.

How to Dress Your Best for Less This Winter

Mailing Lists

If you have ever seen an email signup sheet at the counter and not filled it out, you are missing out on some serious deals. Email marketing lists such as these are created for the sole purpose of providing regular customers with rewards, so sign up and take advantage of it!


Coupons have come a long way since you used to sit and cut out a piece of paper. Through technology, deals like the ones on the Groupon Coupons page for Herbergers offer discounts and deals which you can buy on your smart phone and redeem immediately in store.

Overstock Outlets

While they may not be glamorous, they sure are filled with glamorous items. Speak with the managers of your favorite store and find out where their overstock outlet is. It isn’t likely to be advertised. However, many high-end stores rotate their styles so often that stock which hasn’t had a chance to sell at retails is pushed to an outlet.


Fashion forums are a gold mine for pre-sale information as many of the contributors are store owners themselves, using forums as an advertising tool. Sign up and take a look through the different threads. There will likely be a place where members share links and information about upcoming sales and deals.

Rewards Card

Reward programs aren’t as dreary as they sound. In fact, many can offer some serious benefits. The next time you are shopping, look for any reward cards which you can sign up for. They are often free and come with a variety of offers straight away. Even better, the store is likely to have an app which you can use to register. This saves you having to carry around scores or cards.

Looking good this winter doesn’t have to be expensive if you know what you are doing. The next time you are considering shopping, give these ideas a try.

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