Every house has a ceiling and few people love to add beauty to their ceiling by adding ceiling tiles to it. There are many ceiling tiles available in market and Faux tin ceiling tiles are one of them.


Faux ceiling tiles are made of PVC which makes then really light in weight

When a room is installed with faux tin ceiling tiles, it has many advantages. The main advantage is that it provides an outstanding look to the room. The room will be very attractive and these tiles are going viral in the construction industry. It creates a high end and posh look; so many people are attracted to this. If a person is looking to sell his house, it will be sold easily as these tiles grab the attraction and people love it. The other thing about these tiles is that they save money. When the ceiling is tiled with these faux tin ceiling tiles, then it may not look realistic, this is the main disadvantage.  They require maintenance more but they are durable. These Faux ceiling tiles are made of PVC which is nothing but thermoplastic vinyl. They have many benefits. They just weight about 0.46 lbs and are just 0.4mm thick. They are embossed with 3D and add stylish appearance to the room. These tiles are water proof, stain proof and are heat resistant. So, during summers they keep the room cool and during winters they keep the room warm, thus reducing the electricity bills. The best thing is that they can be cleaned easily and are maintenance free. These tiles do not catch fire and are approved for commercial as well as residential purpose. They are versatile as well as attractive. These tiles can be installed in many ways like they can be mounted on the ceiling directly in flat position. They can be installed on a grid ceiling in required sizes and these tiles can be installed on any resurface and they add beauty to the room. As these tiles are made of PVC and then pained, they look like metal tiles. This is the reason why they are a part of decorative materials. Many designs are available with antique designs and in silver, good, copper, wood colors. As the designs are 3 dimensional, the look which we get is really sophisticated. If the color which you are looking is not available in that particular design, all you need to do is get a spray paint and then paint it. With this you will have the design you like as well as the color.

They are of great options and are available in different styles, designs, colors and best for one who are looking to decorate their rooms in budget. The main benefit is that these tiles can be installed easily. They are really light in weight and this is the main reason they can be installed easily. These tiles can be installed in two ways. They can be installed permanently or temporarily. In permanent installation, these tiles can be installed on place surface like ceiling. faux tin ceiling tiles can be installed on the kitchen rooms too.

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