Controlling Critical Environments

There are many critical environments that need solutions to help control them. Some of these environments include pharmaceutical manufacturing, forensic science, doctors’ surgeries, hospitals, universities, food catering and more. Regardless of the situation, there is always a solution that can be put into place.

When deciding on the type of critical environment control that you need, you should always think through everything that needs controlling so you can find a system that works exactly how you need it to. This way, you will get the most out of your system and will be completely satisfied with the end result. If you need help deciding on what you need, there are always professionals that could advise you – Phoenix Controls have a useful team of professionals.

Controlling Critical Environments


If you’re wondering what can be done, there is a multitude of things. The systems are responsive to commands that get changed and the response is immediate with absolutely no downtime whatsoever. You can adopt a solution which has the option to provide alarming for events that you specify yourself, it can display the status of the room with a banner that is on-screen and you can have data such as humidity and temperature fed live right through to you. You can choose to buy a controller with the system which will enable you to immediately change the settings whenever you need to.

The solutions can be completely specific for you and you will be able to choose exactly how you want them – where you want them and how you want them to be put into your building (which is really easy, by the way).


Patient requirements are easy to meet with a proper air control system in place. It is common knowledge that poor air quality is believed to be the cause of certain lung diseases, so this is definitely something you will want to avoid. Luckily, there are systems that can directly monitor air quality, giving you instant readings and allowing you to make changes to the ventilation and the choices on the control display screen.

If your work is based in a place where there needs to be absolutely no contamination (cleanroom standards), these air systems can also do that. They operate with an airflow system that will take out contaminated air and replace it with fresh, clean air. This means that the control systems can be used in places such as hospitals and surgeries.

If you have a room full of patients that you need to keep at a comfortable temperature, the control systems can evaluate the current temperature and work with cold or warm air to make the temperature fit your specified requirements.

Keeping environments completely clear and at their absolute optimum is exactly what these critical control systems are designed for. This means you can rest knowing your workplace/environment is at the very best standards you could ever wish to reach. The best place to get a control system for critical environments is undoubtedly Phoenix Controls.

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